Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Frustrated Painter

I'm really just a frustrated painter I have discovered. Not so much portraits and the like but it seems to be walls.

I had a blankish wall in my class room. It was actually covered in a huge map of the UK, but that kept falling off the wall because the boys used to steal the infinitely superior blu-tack and try to replace it with rubbish pattefix. So I had an inspiration. I painted it. You can see the beginnings of it here and rather like Rolf Harris I can say "can you see what it is yet?" If you can then well done.

I quite like doing large things and seeing what the response is from people. The boys simply said "does Mr McDermott know about it?" well ho sort of did because I asked him in a moment of busy eatingness one evening. I do not think he heard me! And Mr McDermott... well he has bee silent of the subject.

It is one whole wall of my class room. I acnnot really imagine such a free hand anywhere else. But thingn thing is not finished yet, so when it is I shall post more pictures.

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