Saturday, 29 December 2012

To Arms

St Thomas Becket is kept today as a first class feast. And very good it is to have a wonderful English saint kept so close to Christmas.

St Thomas reminds us of the relationship between the church and the state and the parlous results that can happen then the state decides that it does not have to honour the rights and obligations of our Holy Mother.

Hmmm. Sound familiar? It must have been something playing in my subconscious because it fed my dreams last night. I tell you I'm almost Old Testament like in my interpretation of dreams at the moment.

Well I was quite pleased that it was not being tortured and killed by a cubic equation.

It went something like this. The Archbishop of Westminster (such a pity that nice man is not a cardinal - ahem) called on the congregation to march on 10 Downing Street after Mass about this gay 'marriage' nonsense.

Old ladies charged police men and beat on the door with umbrellas and got in and sat the Prime Minister down and had a good talk to him. It was immediately posted on YouTube.

It then cut to Catholics driving at 30 miles an hour on motorways and little old ladies (there were a lot of them in my dream) storming Parliament. Again with umbrellas and the police unable to do anything.

Catholic social action.

I know I'm an armchair general. Especially living in France and all. But really... is the best we can do a Christmas address by Vincenzo the Magnificent?

Would the state even know where to find a 'troublesome priest' nowadays? Am I one? I hope so.

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