Saturday, 1 December 2012


The French don't have a word for tinsel. That, I think, says a lot. Above we see Our Lady of Pontmain with a garland of Christmas joy. (I know it's not Christmas yet).

I'm sure she would have liked Christmas. I'm sure she would have looked back and as the time passed, after her Son had died, she would have smiled and laughed at the absurdity of it all. Shepherds, Kings, Angels! For goodness sake!

And the star, that star! How could people not have notice a huge star hanging there over some stable! It was the middle of the night, but really... some people!

Time stopped. Literally stopped. The cows and sheep, even the cat stopped - stood still, and then knelt. They knelt! When my Son was born they knelt. And such silence... the stars in the sky ceased on their course. The whole of His world, His creation stood in awed adoration.

The doors gently opened and the shepherds came. And quietly, ever so quietly they too knelt. Old, hard men wiping their eyes of the tears sprang forth from their very soul. And the young ones with no idea what it was all about, but saw the boy, and loved Him.

The Kings left myrrh and I knew. Of course I knew. But nothing could ever change that first Christmas night. And I'll love it every day of my life. And I will wear my garland of joy. Because joy came into the world. And I will rejoice!

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