Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Boys

It is truly touching the way in which you can influence future generations by being a school master. We know about the horror stories of course, but all of us know of masters at school who influenced us for the good.

The obvious thing for me would be in the religious sphere, but I also teach mathematics to years one, two and four (in old money - here in Chavagnes they are J1, J2 and S1 - in the British system they are year seven, eight and ten -  in the French system they are sixième, cinquième and troisième). And here I can influence their relationship with mathematics for the rest of their lives.

I come across many boys who have been told that they are rubbish at maths and so they start to believe it. A misplaced word can wreak havoc.

I always, then, do my utmost to promote a love of mathematics, and I have to say I think that the boys are responding well!!!

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