Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I dream of numbers

Well, I'm back in England now. The priest flu turned into Bishop flu and I became incapable of making any decisions or being practically useful to anyone.

But I struggled through. The end of term carol service was truly beautiful. A schola of the boys and men sang  O Magnum Mysterium and the whole thing was just smashing.

One odd thing, though, I have started to dream about mathematics. This can cover a lot of sins, but these dreams have been really quite odd. It has happened every night for the last eight days.

I thought that it was strange to have a dream which seemed to involve only a set square, but this was followed by one of two which revolved around Pythagoras' Theorem. Of these one was much gentler than the other but in both the Theorem was used as a weapon.

Ratio involved the loss of such a quantity of blood that I was afright when I woke up, and last night I had a strange, highly detailed dream about the number thirty.

I know this makes me sound like a nutter, but there you go. If you said or thought the number 30 then you disappeared. Not hidden but properly disappeared, so that people thought you were dead. Quite a bit of the dream was ways of being able to think of the number 30 without being killed. But it then turned out that they were not really dead after all, just folded up in space. The rest of the dream was ways of rescuing the quasi-dead from the clutches of the number 30.

OK... in the cool light of day it all seems to be a bit nutty. But when will these mathematical based dreams stop! Am I consigned to a night of the "Revenge of the Cosine Rule"; "The Quadratic Formula Bood Bath"; "Planes in a 3D Solid Massacre"???!!!

Beginning to scare myself now, so I'll stop.
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