Friday, 28 December 2012

Hail, O Martyrs

The slaughter of the Holy Innocents is a feast of our time. It is strange to think why it happened at the time of Christ. Of course there was the prophecy that out of Egypt I would call my son... but there are lots of prophecies in the Old Testament which were not fulfilled to the letter - and nor should they have been. It is  a false biblicism that say that just because our interpretation of a Biblical text is not fulfilled that in some way the prophecy is invalid.

No, this terrible slaughter of the Holy Innocents in fulfilled in our time. And it is the slaughter of the unborn.

There can be no others who are more innocent, more weak, more 'poor in spirit', undefended, with no rights that the child in the womb.

The Holy Innocents tells us that these children are not 'groups of cells' or even potential human beings - they are souls crying out to Almighty God from the throne of the Lamb for their crime to be vindicated.

My God, if the souls of the millions killed through abortion were to shout with the piercing cry of the hurt child, then our world would quake at the sound. But, like their God, they suffer and are torturted and killed in silence... the silence of the womb.

Remember we Christians have to defent the poor, the weak, the defenseless...

We will be judged because of it.
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