Thursday, 27 December 2012

Going to the Sales

Today is St John's day and as John  Lewis and Marks and Spencers are not open on Boxing day, today is the first day of the sales for me.

I suppose that it is one of the modern day traditions which are so important. Traditions like eating turkey (I think it was all a plot by the geese to stop their friends and families being comsumed for Christmas fare) and wearing paper hats. Nothing wrong with paper hats of course, except when they get wet and you head turns to red pulp.

But the sales are wonderful... bargains and shopping and all in the greater good of getting the economy moving. I like to think that I am doing my bit to help global warming (sorry, I meant "economic recovery").

So off we trot and participate in the great British institution of buying things that we don't really need but which just seem too much of a snip to leave behind.

I'm hoping for a Dr Who Box set and world peace.
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