Wednesday, 7 November 2012

St Hubert (a bit late)

St Hubert
St Hubert with his hunting horn
We have never been too bothered here in Chavagnes about time. And this includes liturgical time. So yesterday we celebrated St Hubert. He was a 7th century Bishop of Liege.

One Good Friday morning he went hunting rather than go to the Holy Ceremonies. As he went through the forest he saw a magnificent stag with a crucifix between its antlers. So astounded was he, that he took orders and ended up as the Bishop of Liege.

Stuffed Foxes and Pheasants

St Hubert with his horn
St Hubert them is associated with hunting. Thus the displays.

A lone boy faces the wrath of the matador
We had horn playing and venison to eat, with rabbit and Cognac Pate. Then the matador fights. It's is too dangerous to do it with bulls, so we used boys instead.

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