Friday, 2 November 2012

Foie Gras - the killing place

Of course this is a shocking title. But we eat animals, and they have to be killed, or else we would be gnawing live cows' legs.

Chavvers Blogspot has a wonderful article on this by one of our boys. LINK HERE.

The abattoir of the foie gras man, was in premises under his house - so you can be sure that they was well kept.

The man was keen that the birds are killed with electricity first (the Brigid Bardot Law). This makes the whole process quick and easy. If not, then blood gets in the liver and spoils the product. The bird is then taken to the room next door and processed. All of it is used - the liver obviously, but also the meat, and until very recently the feathers as well. The shop selling the products is next door to the kitchens.

I've never had a look around a big abattoir, but this one really was not too bad.

And then we ate the products. There was a fine array of pate set before us.

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