Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Return of Bubble Gum Smaak

There is surely nothing in this world to warm the cockles of a Chaplain's heart (especially if he happens to be abroad) than the sighting and buying of bubble gum smaak.

I saw some in a supermarket and immediately snaffled it up, because if I do not have any to eat on my birthday I shall be inconsolable, and boys just cannot be relied on - whether that be to get their mathematics homework in on time (grrrrr) or in keeping their chapain in regular bubble gum smaak supplies.

You can see how my bubble gum smaak tastes were first begun here, then continued, and developed. It is an odd thing, bubble gum smaak. You know what the taste is and where you should find it - in bubble gum and not in lurid blue sweets. It comes therefore as something of a surprise when you discover it in an unexpected place. I have the same response to strawberry flavoured lip balm.

Any way I turn even older tomorrow so I will console myself with sweets that only the dangerously young would dare to eat.

Long live Bubble gum smaak.
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