Sunday, 28 October 2012

Foie Gras Revisited

When I am teaching the GCSE religion syllabus, one of the things they want to know is the rites of welcome at Baptism (these are the current rites of course). This is the 'Greeting at the Door'.

When the school went to the Foie Gras Farm, see here, we too were greeted at the door, by a rather wonderful dog. Our resident dog fancier, Louis, took a great shine to him, and so did the dog.

As said, the geese are kept outdoors most of the time but from hatching day they have to be kept inside to keep them warm.

Little geese

They had all huddled away from us, as the door was opened! They are then, after the suitable time has passed, put outside.

Bigger geese

We asked about the predators of the geese, thinking about foxes mainly, but apparently that is not a problem in this part of France. Their main worry is a kind of bird of prey sea bird (I forget the word in French) which swoops down and puts its beak up the goose's bottom and sucks out its innards. Nice! they do not lose many to the bottom sucking bird, however. 

After a number of weeks outside, then they are brought in and the week long process of feeding takes place.

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