Friday, 26 October 2012

De Profundis...

Sad Cat

I think I have another post called this as well, promising to keep this blog up to date. So here's another.

The trem has been so terribly busy, and now that I'm teaching AS and A2 RE as well as Brevet Maths and being a chaplain abroad, you can just imagine how pressing it all is, but that is a rubbish excuse, and so, like the most recalcitrant boy, who you cannot really trust, but yet you want to, I'm going to promise to do better.

Honest, I am.

Coming up...

trip to Buckingham to become a proper teacher.

the school day out at the foie gras farm

Foie Gras

some stupid rock in the middle of a Cathedral

Ooooh, you just can't wait. So stay tuned.
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