Wednesday, 19 September 2012


a one socked boy saying the Angelus.

It is quite normal for boys to appear at breakfast in a state of undress - nothing too bad, just without shoes or socks or ties.

They have to get up in the morning and get downstairs before I say the Angelus and bless breakfast. If not... well, let's not go there. So they will come down as quickly as possible because they are rather addicted to their beds, and, as the Masters on wake up tell me, it's a terrible job getting them out of their slumbers.

So seeing a boy with no socks on in the morning is quite normal. Indeed I remember the last time I challenged one of them:
"Where are your socks"
"They are in my pocket" - delivered in a tone of "where did you think they'd be?!"

So this morning's breakfast greeted with the sight of a sockless boy. He had arrived a little early for breakfast with socks in hand (after all, you might get away with no socks, but they'd notice if you weren't there) and so started to put them on.

For some reason (still quite beyond me) he did this while standing up. Quicker and easier to sit down first, I know, but this is the mind of a boy... He got one on before the solemn tones announced the Angelic Salutation.

He stood, stock still, and said the Angelus. One sock on, one sock off.

Angelus over, food blessed, the other sock found its place on the naked foot.

Our boys know that no matter what you're doing (all things being equal) when prayers come, activity stops. Worship of Almighty God takes priority.

Even over socks.
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