Monday, 10 September 2012

Has anyone seen...

a boy with a shovel digging up worms?

I remember that at the beginning of the last year there was a certain time of flux;

  • when everyone is finding their feet; 
  • when the timetable is full of teething problems; 
  • when the boys are finding out where the classes are (or deciding that they don't know where it is to waste time);
  • when masters are deciding if they really do have to be in two places at once (only to realise that it is the odd week when the equinox is behind the fouth quarter of the supermarket - so addendum 8 of the timetable kicks into place);

So is should not have come as a surprise when I found myself going round the school trying to find a new boy who, in finding that he wasn't in a certain class, decided that it was time to go digging for worms for fishing. With permission of course!!!

So the begnning of term found me searching through the school uttering the immortal words:

"Has anyone seen a boy with a shovel digging up worms?"

Welcome to the school.
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