Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Trawling the Web

On the last day of the Pilgrimge I was a little busy deaconing a High Mass and then leading processions and the like to take any pictures. I have yet to find the rubric:

The Deacon genuflects, turns to the left behind the celebrant, removes the iPhone with his right hand from his left pocket, at same moment as he reaches the step of the predella in the middle, and snaps a few sneaky shots of the Mass.
Anyway there were loads of people there snapping away, so where are the pictures!!!

Come on troops... High Mass in Walsingham in the presence of H.E. Mgr Davies, vestments from Versailles, me... (and some other people).

H. E. Mgr Davies
The final day was wonderful. Canon Meney sung Mass beautifully and it was a great pleasure to get to know Fr Cahill over the three days. James Mawdesley (when not trying and failing to perform miracles: see here) MCd very well indeed, the choir sang, the people prayed, and it didn't rain.

So photos please.
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