Monday, 20 August 2012

To the Glory of the Angels

After 10 plus years I have finally finished this chasuble to the glory of the angels.

RAF window in Durham Cathedral
It all started when a friend sent me a postcard of the RAF window in Durham Cathedral (the Cathedral wherein lie my bones). I was so taken by it that I decided to make a copy. I sketched the outline of the angel (filling in the bits that I couldn't see) on a sheet of A4 then blew it up to A3. Stretching a piece of thin material over it I traced the outline and started to embroider the picture.

This was the first of many mistakes. it was the first real thing that I had ever embroidered and the lengths of the stitches were far too long. I have had to teather them down with little couing stitches since.

Couching stitches had to be added on some of the longer embroidery 
When the angel was done there was the further slight problem of what to do with it. It was shoved into various boxes for many years, then I came upon the idea of putting it on to the back of a nice but rather plain chasuble.

Another problem because the wings were just sewn onto material, so how to applique this onto a chasuble? This puzzled me for some time, and to be honest as you can see the result is not perfect but the blind man on that old galloping horse would be none the wiser.

You can see the place under the wing where the bordering stitches have had to go over the edge of the ewbroidered cloth.

Eventually, after more than ten years the thing is finished, and I love it! I have always liked votive masses of the angels and now I have something rather spiffy to wear.

And as I am chaplain to the Guild of St Clare, I will hawe something to show off with.

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