Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Missing School

Those pesky little "you might also like" things at the bottom of the page are very sweet. I have just been reading about "Shaving a Mouse" and "Bubble Gum Smaak". And do you know what

I'm schoolsick!

I miss the place, I admit it. It could have something to do with a new boy turning up to Mass here on the Feast of the Assumption at Dursley or with meeting up with old cronies and telling them what I've been getting up to for the last year. Or the fact that it is pouring down with rain. Or that I have been preparing fun little half hour tests on geometry for my new classes. Or that I'm not really doing much. Or that I'm finding DVDs to take back for the boys. Or... Or... Or... but I'm schoolsick!

Suppose it's a good sign really!
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