Friday, 24 August 2012

Against the Canonisation of James Mawdesley

As mentioned below we are joined by the FSSP seminarian James Mawdesley. If you know him then you know that he is a fine upstanding chap. However today he overstepped the mark.

Trying to imitate the saints (which if course is a good thing) he tried to bring a dead bird back to life. A poor little bird thing - not the one below - lay in the road and James tried to make it live again by throwing it into the air (actually over a bridge) in a vain attempt in my opinion to make it fly.

He claims that he was just "getting it out if the way in case people found it frightening". But just look at that grin. I suspect he was attempting avian revivification.

And I'd like it on record that he failed.
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