Monday, 13 August 2012

A Perfect Combination

Sometimes I get a little cross at pretensions - ironic I know as anyone who has met me will be able to verify - especially about number plates. In the UK you can buy a personalised number plate. I forgive this in the case of the fabulous, but not in the case of the spectaculously unfabulous. I await to get my own Papal Plates of VENG 1 (I'm going to take the name Pope Vengeance). But I digress...

But there are some number plates that are just too wonderful for words. This I saw on a van coming out of Bristol.

You HAVE to click on it! It's for a Pest Control Company, this one I think, and the registration plate is RAT 8OY the tag line under the plate is "no rats left in this vehicle overnight"

It is just too cool for words!
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