Friday, 13 July 2012

Cool Boys and a Morris Minor

At the end of last term, instead of my general religious discussion group, three boys and I went out to see the chapel of the Oak (you can see a link here). Now that is just fun anyway, and for the boys they liked getting out for half an hour. Actually it was longer than an hour - I had to apologise to their next teacher!

Of course they liked the chapel, but they were very concerned that there was a record of the visit. This is the result: the boys looking 'cool'. And indeed they do look very stylish. The great thing was that they were determined to pose. Now I suppose that that is not unheard of in young men, but what I found delightful was that it involved my Morris Minor (bought from Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre).

The boys to a man love the Morris Minor. As it is mine, I think that it is a simply wonderfully car, but it's not just me... it's the cool, young pupils of Chavagnes. You can have big, expensive, posh cars turning up, but its still the Morris that they want to drive in.

Anyone can be photographed next to a Ferrari or whatever, but to be next to a timeless classic, that is truly cool. So very, very cool.

I won't bother drawing the parallel to saying that the young don't need or want endless 'new' things and that they actually appreciate what is ancient and beautiful because we all know that it is true.
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