Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bad Dad Dancing

It's an old joke that there's nothing so cringe worthy as Dad deciding to be 'cool and hip' by trying to dance. You still love him of course, but you just want to run away and hide when it happens. Then your friends look over with that wide eyed stare of "Oh My Gosh" - they know it's not your fault, and you know it's not your fault, but shame is contagious and it's all just too, too embarrasing.

So... I went to my good friend Dr Joseph Shaw's website (he is the chairman of the Latin Mass Society) and saw this (Link Here)...

Fancy being 'Chief Executive' of Clifton Diocese?

If you thought that the 'Chief Executive' of diocese would be, if anyone, the Bishop, you were wrong - at least where Clifton Diocese is concerned. They are advertising for one: and according to the 'person specification' section, candidates for the job needn't be Catholic. (I'd really like to know what the 'values', as opposed to teaching, of the Church are.)
Here's the main blurb. Why not apply?
An excellent vacancy has arisen for a Diocesan Secretary to fulfil the role of Chief Executive within the Clifton Diocese
Diocesan Secretary
The Catholic Diocese of Clifton is seeking to appoint a Diocesan Secretary to fulfil the role of Chief Executive and coordinate the administration of the Diocese.
The holder of this important post:
Will lead the formulation and implementation of a strategy for the long term financial security of the Diocese
    Will have experience of leading a team of senior professionals and be committed to the mission of the Diocese
      Will create an approach to balancing the quality of service to clergy and parishes with the management of risk.
        Based in Bristol from autumn 2012, initially for one year, subject to review. Salary £65k. For more details see (Working for Us)
        Closing date: 5.00 pm Monday 13 August 2012.

        From the 'Person Specification':
        We seek a person who embraces the values of, but is not necessarily a member of, the Catholic
        Church. Experience of belonging to a Christian parish or similar community would offer valuable
        insights into the workings of the diocese.
         At times I am just flabbergasted. Let me just say a few things:

        1. The Bishop is the 'chief executive': is this person's sphere of work inter curial, or is it going to be at the meeting point of the parish and the Diocese?
        2. I'm no longer a Parish Priest... but good luck boys justifying this hike in the Levy to the good people of God.
        3. In my experience lay folk working in curial appointments need to be VERY clear of the checks and balances between Parish and Diocese which exist in Canon Law (even a lay Catholic may well not be aware of the nuances - but a non-Catholic!). I have experienced both ignorance and bullying.
        4. I think that 65k is the highest pay tier of the Ministry of Defence. Hmmm pretty high.
        5. I wonder what 65,000 pounds actually works out as with pension contributions etc. I want to register an interest here as the gossip in my English Diocese (this one by the way) concern means testing Priests when they retire before they are given somewhere to live at the Diocese expense. So you can have the extraordinary situation of Fr Whatsit having worked in parishes for 40 years having every penny of his scrutinied, having been paid bugger all all his life, without a pot or pan, opening his bank account to some mandarin on 65,000 quid PER YEAR so that he can say "No sorry Father you have a few bob tucked away from when your parents died, so you're going to have to pay rent". Surely I am mistaken about this... we'll wait and see.
        Calmed down a bit now...

        How the hell are we supposed to sell this one to Catholics and non Catholics alike?

        I tell you, were he still alive I'd go clubbing with my Dad everyday of the week rather than to have to explain this one.
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