Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Even the Scouts find a home

It is important that we have a place to call our own, a little spot to lay our heads, a nook or cranny to while away the time. I remember a Benedictine monk who when looking at the stately pile thaht he lived in, declared "it's not home, but it's much!"

The New Scout Hut in Chavagnes
So our Scouts now have a Scout hut. It is very suitable indeed. It has to be said that in places the walls are a little 'breeze block-y' but they ore Scouts and as such have to be able to deal with such things.

First things first of course... the crucifix went up,

Various animal skulls
...and then the skulls of dead animals,

Scout with an axe
...and then we locked up the Scout with the axe.

Usual day in Chavagnes!
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