Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Vatican II – its Impact on Quadratic Equations

Blessed John XXIII, Pope Paul VI and the Second Vatican Council

The 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council

It has been a long time since I have written a sustained series of articles on a given subject. In the past I have jotted things down because I used to write things for the back of my bulletin. That discipline has gone now, sadly. But I miss the joy of having stuff to do and just getting on and doing it.

Shiny Euro Cent Coins

I try to tell the boys that getting on and doing it is a fun thing to do, but they just look at me as if I’m completely mad. Which is quite a tall order as I just spend S2 Religion polishing euro cent coins of low denominations with the French equivalent of Brasso, and not one of them batted an eyelid.

There is much in the world written about Vatican II, and so I thought I’d wade in. As has been rightly pointed out, sometimes I can be a little opinionated, so I want to preface all of this by saying that what will follow is opinion. But if every Tom, Dick and Henrietta are banging on about it, then I’m going to as well.

Gasp! Shock! Horror!

I’ll try to do them in bite size 400 word morsels, and not make them too stultifyingly dull. But I cannot promise that.

I can’t be bothered to document things either – sorry about that, but I have to teach boys, not the quadratic equations in the title, but how to expand the brackets (x + 9)(2x – 4), so I’ve got no time for faffing about.

Hard Maths. The level is a little above my boys at the moment.
So this falls well into the category of Fr Rowe banging on about things.

What could possibly go wrong!!!
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