Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Saying sorry to Goustan

St Goustan with a fish
It all started like this. There was a chap here called Goustan, and I refused to believe that it was a name. That's not strictly true... I  refused to believe that it was a proper name. I just thought that his parents had had fun with anagrams of the word 'nougats' and other confectionary based delights. He had vehemently asserted that Goustan was a proper Breton name and that I was an uncultured peasant for not knowing about him.

The Church of St Sauveur in Port de Saint Goustan
So this Monday I went to a shrine of Saint Anne, more of which later, near Auray in Brittany. And there in the city is Port de Saint Goustan. 'Hmmm' thought I, 'that's a bit rum', so I went to investigate. The Church is dedicated to St Sauveur but there he is, standing in the pulpit! St Goustan and a fish. Looking all reproachful and 'so I don't exist, eh?' and accusatory.

A very nice Church with a ship in a case almost obscuring St Joseph.

I'm not entirely convinced about the meaningful Lenten sand and stones bit...

Meaningful sand and stones
...but Our Lady rescuing souls from the flames of Purgatory is surely good.

Our Lady rescuing sinners from Purgatory
So to all you Goustans out there, I apologise, your holy patron does exist. And he seems to be rather fond of fish.
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