Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saint-Anne d'Auray

Monday saw a visit to Saint-Anne d'Auray, a shrine to the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The web-site guide is here.

My motivation for going was no more than I had seen it on a map and thought 'that might be interesting'.

The whole village is given over to the shrine and it dominates all, far and wide. The Sanctuary is largely victorian with a very impressive array of confessionals as you enter. It has ever been that pilgrimage sites attract confessions. But when I saw the confessionals resplendent with TV screens, I have to admit that my heart sunk a little.

But, and this is a big but, there was a Priest on duty to hear confessions all day long. Now that is impressive. It is what should happen but as we know to our cost, in is not always what we find. In the spirit of 'always avail yourself of the Sacrament if possible', I was grateful for the kind ministrations of a fellow Priest.

High Altar

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