Thursday, 8 March 2012

Gay Rights

This is not really a political blog, but I have just had two classes with my boys; first on the role of the Cardinal Virtues in how we make decisions, and second a general discussion group with the GCSE year.

Cardinal Virtues threw up the need to stand up for what is right and just, the older ones started talking about French politics, which is very current. They brought up the notion of gay marriage.

I have a strong belief that all of this comes as a direct result of allowing the wholesale slaughter of children in the womb. After all, what can it possibly mean to say that you or I have 'right', if we could have been killed because our mother wanted to work, or already had three children, or that I have a hair lip (or nowadays that I am a boy or a girl, and mummy wants a baby that she can dress in blue or pink). Rights now are not something that are intrinsic but are things which are granted by the state. After all the state has decided that a child in the womb can be killed up to the moment that the ambulance is bringing the mother to the hospital after nine months of pregnancy, if the genetic material is in a certain order. She can’t if the chromosomes are differently arranged. So the state has decided that unborn children with Down’s Syndrome do not have the same rights. As this right is the right to exist, then we must make the logical conclusion that such a life is not worth as much as a life with a different genetic arrangement.

Disgusting and horrible I know, but at least consistent in its evil.

So what if…

…we could find a genetic marker for homosexuality, a ‘gay gene’?

Would the fact that the child in the womb was predisposed to same sex attraction be a good enough reason to abort them? Would any or the following statements be acceptable:

  • A homosexual child would just cause too many problems and want to continue my career.
  • The rest of my family are heterosexual and it would cause them distress to have a brother or sister who is different.
  • My family and/or friends would find it difficult to accept a homosexual child.
  • I can’t face all the explanations and hassle of having a homosexual child.
  • I do not want a homosexual child.
  • My religious/societal beliefs tell me that this child is ‘defective’.
  • It’s my choice, it’s my body and I do not want a homosexual child.

You see, the danger when states and governments make up ‘rights’ on the hoof is that they do not want to deal with the consequences when two ‘made up’ rights come into conflict.

Who wins when the gay rights lobby comes up against the woman’s right to choose?

Of course the loser in all this is the poor unfortunate in the womb who should have a whole life ahead of them – to choose to live as they wish (and pay the eternal consequences for those decisions) – instead of being arbitrarily exterminated by their mothers, with the connivance and the encouragement of the state.

When the right to life is removed, other ‘rights’ are ultimately meaningless.
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