Thursday, 2 February 2012

A New Gradine

The Chapel in Chavagnes I have always said, was quite fine. however it had been messed around with quite a bit in the time of the destruction of the interiors of Churches (commonly called the 70s-90s). You can see what it used to be like here.

So in order to give even more dignity to God, a pupil and I discovered this piece of wood. In classic style we simply carried it all through college, and no one batted an eyelid ("Ahhh, yes, Chaplain and Max carrying a very large piece of wood, nothing to worry about there. All perfectly normal.)

It was cunningly fashioned to be twice the height, and sat perfectly behind the Tabernacle. Truly a sign that Almighty God likes gradines.

You can see how it is simply placed on the altar and then covered in cloths. It gives a definition to the Altar that was not there before. Of course new candles help, but it seems much more solid now.

A Gradine, every Church should have one.
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