Tuesday, 24 January 2012

To the Washing Place with you...

Such was the exciting nature of our Sunday walk, as we went to the Laverie du Pontereau. This was the outdoor place where the people of Chavagnes (the women I suspect) went to do their washing in yesteryear.

The boys, I suspect, do not ponder much on these things - seeing rather an opportunity to try to jump into water or push Mr McDermott in! Or even, in the case of the boy on the left, ignoring the whole thing and read a comic book on the Smurfs instead.

But if you do think about it, what a different world when people had to come together to do things, like washing, or shopping, or even working. I do not glorify the past - who would not prefer an indoor washing machine or the convenience of supermarkets which are open all day long.

No, but what I mean is that the experiences, and thus in some manner, the very mentality and shaping of the minds of the people at that time would have been different because of such communal activity.
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