Monday, 23 January 2012

Shiny old things

Little Candlestick
On a recent trip to an Emmaus (info and details here), I came across two forlorn little candlesticks, about 8" high or so. After the liberal application of Miror formule Cuivre (Brasso to you and me) they came up a treat. And €10 the pair not bad at all.

Before and after shot. Thank God for Miror (Brasso).

Now, there is a train of thought that says "do you really need more of that?" Actually it is my mother's train of thought, who does not see wonderful stuff, but just more stuff. I say you can never have enough of certain things, and little candlesticks are one of those things. If nothing else it now means that we are up to 20 candles on the altar for Benediction,and that can only be a good thing, non? So while there is a € in my pocket and a shop to go through, that number will go higher and higher!
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