Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Preparing for Rome

Altos finishing choir practice
During half term in February, the school choir is going to Rome to sing in various places. You can see where when and how and the like on Mr McDermott's blog here.

The boys are brushing up their polyphony. This is something excellent about this school. There is no choice as to whether a boy sings or not. If they have the voice, then they are in the choir. This gives them the opportunity of singing in a group, working together, producing something of honour and beauty, which, if we are honest, they probably would not choose to do if given a straight "do you want to sing in a choir".

It is of course important that they have choices, but these have to be limited, after all they do not have a choice but to get up in the morning, or brush their teeth (a lesson some still have to be reminded of!), or to go to biology or history or Holy Mass. In an all boys school it is easier for them to sing as it simply is a manly pursuit.

Choices are all well and good, but they have to be informed, and also tempered by what is best for the community.

So they sing... and no matter what they might say every now and again, they actually like it. It is also quite bizarre to hear boys harmonizing pieces of Mass Settings as they wander along, or kill time, or annoy you in a lesson!
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