Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I Thirst for your Soul

This is the sentiment found in a Church on my travels last Monday. It was written under the crucifix.

It uses, of course, the words of Our Lord on the Cross, "I thirst". This physical thirst confronts us with the humanity of Christ. He thirsted in His humanity, but also He thirsted in His Divinity, not for a water to satisfy the body, but for the souls of believers.

On the Cross, even at that moment, Our Saviour thirsted for our soul. He desired that we come to His poor, crumpled body. Even then, our soul had no hope except in Him.

J'ai soif de ton âme!

I thirst for your soul... not for my own good, but for yours. Not out of my need but from your wretched state.

I thirst for you...
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