Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ciborium Veil

One of the dangers of letting a boy loose on Fortescue (the rubrical book on how to do almost anything in the Extra-ordinary Form) is that they keep finding things that you should be doing.

Such is the case with the ciborium. Previously (this is a terrible scandle - not for the faint ears) I had simply been using an unveiled ciborium (a ciborium being the silver thing that the hosts are brought to the altar in before they are changed into the Body of Christ, and which they are preserved in in the tabernacle).

Ciborium veil in process of being made
So I was INFORMED that we needed to have a ciborium veil. Quite correct, of course. So I have made one. It is just a circle of material, hemmed, with a hole in the middle for the cross on top of the ciborium to go through. I think it looks quite smart.

The finished article
I'm now working on a Monstrance cover... because similarly I was INFORMED... !!!
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