Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Walking a Bishop to an Altar

The last decent photos of the Boy Bishop are taking him to the Altar.

I never knew how complicated it was going to be get a boy two yards. It went like this (if any of you are liturgical experts out there then I'd be deeply grateful if you could help me, and keep your opinions to yourself!)

The Bishop standing and sings the Magnificat antiphon. He sits down and gets his mitre (what self respecting Bishop would sit down without a hat on?). Incense comes to him, and he puts it in, blessing in the usual manner. The he stands up. He needs his crozier... how could a Bishop walk without a crozier.

So now he is ready to go. I go before him, then on either side, his chaplains. Then he is followed by his crozier bearer, and mitre bearer and bugia bearer and book bearer. He gets to the altar, bows and then his assistant takes his crozier and gives it to the crozier bearer, the other takes off his mitre, and gives it to the mitre bearer. The thurifer gives the incense to the MC who gives it to the assistant who gives it to the Bishop.

The altar is incensed.

But Father, Father, (I hear your cry - sorry this is France - but Fazer, Fazer) what about the crozier bearer, the mitre bearer the bugia bearer and the book bearer? Where are they all this long time?

Well they move to the Epistle side of the altar, so that when the Bishop has finished incensing the altar, the mitre bearer gives the mitre to the assistant who puts it on his head, and the crozier bearer gives the crozier to the other assistant to give it to the Bishop... BECAUSE THE BISHOP IS GOING TO WALK.

The bugia bearer and book bearer? Well they just follow, not doing much.

And then they all walk back to the Bishop's throne.

I am not even going to begin telling you what happens if the Magnificat is still being sung!!!

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