Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Tabarro

Fr Bede Rowe in a Tabarro
Never since the questions about the flags have I been so inundated with requests about a subject... this time it was about the cloak shown in the post about Priests and Rugby, here.

It was cold, and I wanted to wear a cloak. I have a number of course, but when I came to Chavagnes in September, I could only bring the minimum. Of course I brought a ferriola, and I made the decision to bring my rather smart tabarro. And that is what it was... a tabarro.

A quick look at the internet shows a couple of good pictures of bishops and the like in tabarros.

H.T. Orbus Catholicus Secundus
The Tabarro
It is a very full garment, a perfect circle with a front cut in and a hole for the head, with a velvet collar, or similar. Mine does not have a shoulder cape.

They are quite fine, wonderfully warm and terribly practical.

Fr Bede Rowe in the Tabarro
And they look the business.
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