Friday, 23 December 2011

St Dominic's Dursley

The Altar of St Dominic's Dursley
I am staying as a guest of Fr Alexander Redman, Parish Priest of St Dominic's Dursley and St Joseph's Nympsfield over Christmas. I thought I would show some pictures of both churches. I will be saying the Masses in Nympsfield, but here is St Dominic's. The Parish Website is here.

On the Gospel side there is a rather nice Lady Altar.

Lady Altar in St Dominic's
And a statue of the Sacred Heart.

You may notice that this church is at the forefront of the New Liturgical Movement. In obedience to the liturgical documents and the norms laid down by Holy Mother Church, the nave altar has been recently removed, leaving the high altar as the integral altar in the church.

St Dominic's
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