Friday, 9 December 2011

The Boy Bishop and the Bugia

The Boy Bishop of Chavagnes singing the Capitulum.
Note the Episcopal Ring.
At last! You can see the Bishop! You see that he is only little, and was surrounded by many other servers. I quite like this. It emphasizes function over personality. The Bishop must be there, but it what he does that is important, and not who he is. Even though you could not see him for most of the time, it is enough to know that he is there and that he is 'pontificating'.

Plethora of servers - note the bugia.
You can see here that the Bishop is reading. To read he needs light, and light is provided by a candle which is held near to his book whenever he reads it. This candle is called a bugia. This is of course for use in dark Churches when it would have been tricky to read. Now we have electric light, but that is still no excuse for getting rid of something. The bugia is a candle stick held on a handle. It should be silver for a Bishop and can be gold for a Cardinal (a rule more ignored than kept I believe).

Now I have lots of bits and bobs, but to my shame, I do not have a bugia. So what to do?!?

Rather smart Bishop's bugia
Well, there is always something around, and if you look carefully at the 'Chavagnes Bugia' you will see that it is just a little bit shoved together, but it does look quite the job, n'est pas?

The Chavagnes bugia

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