Tuesday, 20 December 2011

And they worshipped the Golden Calf

In school we have been working through various Old Testament bits with the smaller boys, and we settled for quite a long time on the Golden Calf. It also has the added fun of being an opportunity to learn the 10 commandments - so fun tests all the way!

When teaching them, I was reminded of the saying (I think it was the Cure of Ars) that if men stop believing in God, they do not believe in nothing, but they believe in anything. We can see this by all this new age nonsense which became fashionable for a while, or, I would be so bold as to say, the modern liberal catholic ( 'c' - atholic ) rubbish, which might as well be pick'n'mix new age nonsense... if you just believe what you want, then it's not going to get you to heaven. There are loads of people out there how willingly believe that their illness is not going to kill them, right up to the last breath, or that they can live a life of dodgy morality without consequences. If God has bothered to set up a Church to get us into Heaven, it seems just a little rude to say - "No, stuff you Almighty, I think I've got a much better way."

Well, rude and dangerous.

So, with the Golden Calf in the back of my mind, imagine my horror at finding blatant veneration of the Owl of Chavagnes by person or persons unknown!

The Worship of the Owl?
How can this be? What can be going on? And why is there a book in front of it?

I was pleased on closer inspection to find that it was a history of Charlemagne, and not some trashy Maeve Binchy... but still.

I fear that as it is now the holidays, the trail will have gone cold by the time I get back to Chavagnes, but I have my suspects. Oh, yes, I have my suspects.
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