Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Statues in the Parish Church

One of the good things about French Catholic Churches is that they have not been smartened up. You know the kind of thing...

"Oooh we don't want that old thing, the hand has fallen off the statue, and all the paint is flaking. It looks terrible when someone walks in, and then it drops all over the new carpet. And no one really does anything with them any more (of course you are too polite to mention that one of the reasons why they do not go to the statues any more is that candles have been banned because they might get wax on the flaming new carpet!), and you can have a nice picture instead, or better still, nothing, because then it can be nice and clean and fresh and lovely."

So they get consigned to a cupboard, and then they get more and more smashed because people cram too much in the cupboard. And then they get thrown away, because now they really are trashed.

And you're left with a lovely, antiseptic Church for a lovely antiseptic religion. Pity our lives are full of blood and grime and dirt.

Sheesh. No wonder there is a disconnection between religion real life! Who wants a religion that tastes of disinfectant?

So... I was very pleased to see all these wonderful statues in the Church. Suitably falling apart and flaking and positively reeking of prayers!

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