Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Owl of Chavagnes

In School we have a House system. The four Houses are these:

Henri du Vergier, comte de la Rochejaquelein (August 30, 1772 – January 28, 1794)
 Rochejaquelein (Colour Red)

François Athanase de Charette de la Contrie (2 May 1763 – 26 March 1796)
Charette (Colour Blue)

Jean Baptiste Pierre Constant, Count Suzannet (13 February 1772 - 21 June 1815)
Suzannet (Colour Yellow)

Jacques Cathelineau (5 January 1759 - 14 July 1793)
Cathelineau (Colour Green)

The boys earn Housepoints for good work, good behaviour etc. This is convertible into privileges for the individual boy, and they are also added up so that there can be an inter-House competition. So far we have just kept a running total, but obviously that does not work so well. For in individual it's fine... he knows that he has a number of Housepoints and so can do this or that, but the 'House' part of 'Housepoints' needed to be reinforced. And thus flew into our lives the Owl of Chavagnes.

The history of the Owl and its mystical significance will follow in the coming days...
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