Monday, 21 November 2011

On Becoming a Rugby Blog

This is a genuine photo, and not posed. I found it just so funny that there would be a rugby boot on top of a TV in a computer room. It could only happen in a male environment!
Having explained my lamentable experiences of the rugby field before here, it is with some horror that I return to this subject.

However, we are playing L'Esperance at Rugby this week, Wednesday to be exact, and Mr McDermott reminded them that to play with honour is the true end of all sport (and then went and messed it all up by saying that they'd be in deep trouble if they did not win!).

We should win as we have a good team, but you just never know.

So prayers are needed. I was also informed...

" Fr Rowe will give you a good pep talk to help you play well, and a special blessing so that you can beat them."

YIKES! I will now have to spend my time looking up "Blessings to be used when trying to defeat another school at rugby" - there must be one, as I found the following blessing in the Roman Ritual...

I have no idea why this is upside down. It is the Blessing of an Electric Dynamo. Perhaps they have to be upside down to work.
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