Monday, 14 November 2011

But why an Owl?

The Own of Chavagnes
I have been inundated with requests for further explanations of the Owl of Chavagnes. First of all, people have been clamouring to know something of its provenance, something of its history before it came to Chavagnes (for most surely it existed before we knew it), and its ultimate meaning.

So what do we know of the Owl of Chavagnes, before it came to us? We know that this wooden form was made in 1943. And perhaps that is all that we can know for certain. The rest must be supposition and guess work.

The Owl, leading men to God
From ancient times the Owl has of course been the symbol of Wisdom and foresight, notably with Athena the Greek goddess. And one must not forget that also the Owl has been viewed as the guardian of the afterlife, thus possessing sacred knowledge.

All of these things are brought by the Owl of Chavagnes... for it is true wisdom that we seek to impart not just the ability to know or to do things. And it is these things that will lead to a life well lived, a death well died and an eternity in the presence of Almighty God.

The Owl of Chavagnes shows us the way...
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