Friday, 11 November 2011


The Calvary at Chavagnes International College
I always hold Armistice Day dear. As Catholics we have an obligation not just to remember the dead, but also to pray for them. 

In France today is a holiday (some of the younger boys thought that this would mean that they would not have any classes... poor fools!) but as elsewhere, this does not mean that there is greater amount of piety. Here in Chavagnes the civil Act was moved to 10.00am and shortened to five minutes or so.

We had planned our day around an Act of Remembrance in the town at 11.00am, so all of that went by the board. Luckily we have our own Calvary in the grounds, and we were planning a school Act of Remembrance there anyway.

Catafalque for the Requiem Mass, with added candles.
It is especially poignant for us, as this Calvary was erected for the Priests and boys who died in the Great War. There names are inscribed on the plaque. I will write them below.

The boys were exemplary. There is always a worry I suppose, boys being boys, that these moments of solemnity can be destroyed by foolish behaviour. But it was not. They were men and behaved accordingly, with dignity and solemnity.

We then passed to the Church for a Requiem Mass for the Dead who have fallen in conflict.

View from the Calvary to the College
I told the boys that this is our honour and duty. Sometime, quite often I'm sure, they do not want to go to Mass, and of course I worry about that... but not today. This is an obligation upon them, a sacred trust given to them, to join their prayers to those of the Priest in the great offering of God to God, in the Holy Mass. The Mass was not for the boys, it was for the dead.
Mrs McDermott's Memorial in the entrance to the Chape
From our school, of your charity, pray for the repose of the souls of:

M. L.Abbé Raffugeau
M. L’Abbé Bernier
M. L’Abbé Audureau
M. L’Abbé Gabard
M. L’Abbé Durand

Frédéric Robin
Etienne Maraiteau
Henri Bicon
Adrien Payraudeau
Paul Merlet
Armand Faureau
Armand Fort

Requiescant in pace.
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