Monday, 7 November 2011

Altar Rails

Have a guess... yes I'm in favour of them. But this is not the purpose of this post. When looking at our parish Church here, there are, of course, no altar rails. This is the case in almost every Catholic Church, where all over the place, they were ripped out for no reason. Money was wasted. Offence was given. Bad theology was promote. And now it is going to be a complete pain in the whatsit to start putting them back in... ho hum. I suppose it was ever thus.

What makes things so much easier, however, is when things were not thrown away/sold/turned into a coffee table come sharing altar for the sitting down Mass, but rather were kept. In my time I have kept a perspex missal stand and a hessian chasuble. I would never use or wear them myself, but they are not, to my knowledge, against the liturgical norms, so I kept them for when Fr G. Tar comes to the parish. At least then he will not have to waste money on 'new' old-fashioned perspex. I only hope he has the good enough grace not to shred the Latin chasubles and maniples. But I digress (rant is a better word - but let's stick to digress).

The Altar Rails have been removed from the sanctuary in the Parish Church, but they are preserved elsewhere. Really they're just hanging around, but hanging around is good. They are quite fine, noble wooden affairs. With little turrets.

As my grandmother use to say: "You can't go far wrong with little turrets."
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