Thursday, 24 November 2011

Against Hope

Little bit of a play on words there, as our opponents in Rugby was the School L'Esperance ('hope' in French, see?).

Well we lost. I included extra prayers at Mass, and we called down the protection help and intercession of Our Lady of Vengeance, but all to no avail.

The arrival of the opposition

Well that's nor really true. We were like gods on the field, but they, through chicanery and any manner of nonsense managed to get through our defenses. There was a swollen up ankle, a smashed nose, a cracked tooth, I walked back with a handful of blood soaked tissues... so who could not say that it was not a successful game. And by God we'll get them next time.

Some boys did not join in the general eagerness

Their chaplain/headmaster M. L'Abbé came with them. As a member of the FSSP he is of course correctly dressed. Suspecting that this might be the case I donned a Tricorn hat and cloak. I may not be playing rugby, but my job is to chivvy the troops along, and I must do this by the splendour of clerical dress. HA!

But then he pulled out his breviary and started walking up and down the touch line reading it! Too low for words! So out came my rosary and the battle continued...

You can see M. L'Abbe Lodde to the left, suspiciously not wearing a tricorn hat
Our boys were so aggressive, it was excellent! We later found out that some of their juniors were older than our seniors. So that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Boys of Chavagnes - truly we rock!
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