Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Shaving a Mouse

As mentioned below, the word for a bat is une chauve-souris. It literally means "a bald mouse". 
La chauve-souris
Now I know that there are numerous words in English which are just bizarre, but I find the word for a bat just too funny for words. And what is more, it affords endless opportunities for strange conversations with French Boys. If you will excuse my translation into English (mainly because my French is still execrable).

Me: I don't know why you don't like mice.
Boy: But I do like mice.

Me: No you don't like mice. You're cruel to them.
Boy: Bah, no, when have I been cruel to mice (looking guilty just in case he has been cruel to mice and has forgotten the incident).

Me: I don't think it is nice to shave a mouse.
Boy: Shave? (obviously thinking that I have chosen completely the wrong work from my limited vocabulary.)

Me: Yes, shave, you know with a razor, for a beard. Not you, you're a boy, but shave.
Boy: A mouse?

Me: Yes. I think its cruel when you shave a mouse.
Boy: (At this point he is completely and utterly confused.) But a mouse?

Me: Yes, you shave him and he has no hair. Like me (pointing to the top of my head).
Boy: I shave him?

Me: Mais oui! (I have learnt a French pronunciation for these two word, which can be roughly translated as "Yes, duh, that's what I've been talking about if you just listened!) Look. There he is flying outside. (Mais regard, elle vole en dehors)
Boy: But that's a bat. (Mais ça, c'est une chauve-souris)

Me: Yes a bat. (Oui une chauve - slowly for emphasis - souris - so that he now gets it)
Boy: That's stupid! (C'est nul, ça! - but secretly he's smiling and finding it funny).

Ah. I have fun!
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