Monday, 17 October 2011

The Parish Church

The exterior of Chavagnes Parish Church

Right opposite the school gate is the Parish Church. It is quite fine, with a wonderful acoustic. Thankfully the French have not yet succumbed to the version of Catholicism which demands that a Church must look like the inside of a middle class sitting room, with potted plants, wall to wall carpets and comfy chairs.

The organ is also excellent, but I have not heard it yet. There are a series of picture to follow.

You can see from the outside that it has been recently cleaned. We had a very Catholic Mayor who decided, for purely civic reasons you understand, that a number of millions of Euros of local taxes had to be spent on sprucing up the edifice.

The holy water stoops of the Church are wonderful shells. One of the reasons that I like them is that they do not really fit in a 'church' environment. Why would you have massive shells as you come in. What is the symbolism, the sign? They obviously have not been designed with the whole of the building as a catechetical experience in mind. I think why I like them so much is that they would never be included if it had been designed by a 'church architect' or, heaven forfend, a liturgist!

They are part of the creation and so can be bent to the worship of their creator. And they are wonderfully exuberant. And our faith is as well.
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