Saturday, 15 October 2011

More Broken Arms!

Well, not many more, just one actually. And not an arm, but a wrist.

And I cannot say exactly how it happened, as I was not an eye witness, though it is one of those things which I have issued dire warnings about.

It has long been my firm belief that sport is bad for you. I mean real sport, not card games, or indoor bowls. I know, I know - indoor bowls players... please do not bombard me with letters complaining about indoor bowls being a sport. The sport of which I speak was the object of a favourable post just a few days ago, see here, but its dangers now rear their ugly head again.

It is, of course, rugby. An innocent rugby tackle ended up in carnage yesterday as the brave boy found himself under assault by four other players. A warrior to the end, with bravery and courage coursing through his veins, this young hero held onto the ball, even when his fragile wrist was bent back, in a manner not intended by God.

Did he cry out in pain, did he shout to the heavens in agony and distress? Did he betray his manly mein?

I have no idea, I was not there, but, as heaven is my witness, I very much doubt it, for the men of Chavagnes are made of hardier stuff.

Poor chap is having an operation today, so say a prayer for him.
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