Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Chavagnes in the morning mist

What do you do when the sun in high in the sky and the day has turned out to be delightful? And even more so for the beginnings had been so poor. The mist had not risen, and the cold in the air was wet and clinging. I'm not sure if the orb in the sky in the photo is the moon or the sun - so weak were its rays, and so feeble its strength.

So how joyful it is when the sun shines and the day begins to bake.

A fine afternoon, and a beautiful day. Some of the boy were down by the lake, swimming, others on the Sunday afternoon walk (sorry, I meant that they were sitting indoors in silent reading because they decided that I wouldn't mind if they didn't come along on my Sunday afternoon walk - when will they learn??!)

And others decided to make a paper aeroplane with a two metre wingspan.

These boys are just fantastic. A little worryingly mad perhaps, but fantastic all the same. When asked the question "Max why are you building a paper aeroplane with a two metre wingspan?" the impeccable answer was given "Because someone told me it could not be done."

I'm sure that others have made bigger and longer and better aeroplanes, but this is a Sunday afternoon, and he used photocopier paper and pritt stick.

It was simply the most impressive thing ever! And the most enthralling. I even cut my silent reading punishment short, because I simply could not bear the thought of the aeroplane being launched and me not being there to see it. Boys crowded round it and offered absolutely useless advice. Max had explained to me the whole principle of the thing (I nodded and thought of where a thurifer should stand during a missa cantata) but, honestly, it was all beyond me.


A metre or so, but it flew.

So, that's what you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the sun is high in the sky. You build a HUGE paper aeroplane.
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