Saturday, 8 October 2011

Concerning rugby, Bubble Gum Smaak, and a Boy's Broken Arm

All in one day!

I can not believe that I am typing this, but I watched a rugby match. I do not think I have ever voluntarily watched one, but it was like this...

It all started when a boy said "Fazer, you like rugby?". I replied "No, not really." "Zat is good because you wont win."

I was a little confused by this as you can imagine. What would I not win? I know that Mr Usher plays rugby with the boys, but how would this affect me? Then I heard dark rumblings that there were no morning classes, and that the computer was going to be taken over for 'the match'!

Ahhh, yes, now it all made sense. A boy explained to me that it was England versus France in the rugby world cup. I went along, of course, to wave the flag and all that. Show the colours, support the team. I took a good book with me (not the Good Book of course - that should only be sung in Latin!) so that I did not have to watch too much.

I even took along my Bubble Gum Smaak to ease the morning and help it pass with a sugar, artificial colourant high.

But it was wonderful! I don't know anything about rugby, of course (seven years of public school failed to teach me the intricacies) but I was sitting next to an American boy, and thus instantly became very knowledgeable. Actually all I was doing was shouting for England, against the French. It has to be done when you are a chaplain abroad! And surrounded by gloating French boys!

It was a hoot.

Oh and a boy fractured his arm. So I gave him the last three Bubble Gum Smaak, even though he is French and they won the match!
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