Monday, 3 October 2011

A Close Encounter of the Bat Kind

chauve souris (bat)

There are three sacristies at Chavagnes. There is the first sacristy, as soon as you go out of the back of the sanctuary (which I can called the 'incense sacristy') a sacristy where the boys hang up their cassocks and cottas in a pile on the floor (the 'cotta sacristy') and there is a further sacristy through the incense sacristy, where my vestments are. This is the 'Priest's sacristy'. I'm sure you are finding this riveting stuff.

Anyway... as I was preparing for night prayers last night I met a creature in the incense sacristy. And I do not mean a schoolboy. Flying there, was a bat! We have lots of bats here. They fly around all the time outside, and they often come into the chapel for night prayers. But I have never seen one in the flesh, flying around, quite so close.

Of course I flinched, and then immediately remembered that bats never fly into people. So I just stood still and watched. They are wonderful things. They fly so exactly and beautifully.

another chauve souris (another bat)

Well, that's all well and good, but the point comes when you say "so there's a bat here. What am I supposed to do now." That moment was coming upon me, when it flew out of the incense sacristy and into the Chapel.

And true enough, it was time for night prayers. These bats, I tell you, you can say what you like about them, but they're never late for prayers.
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